5 Lies About Losing Weight

Chastity Fabry

Anytime we need information on weight loss, we are quick to rely on web-based research, what we read on social media, and the people around us. Getting weight-loss tips from various platforms is simple, but it can be challenging to decide what is right and what a theory is. You will read advice that contradicts each other, and hear about diets that simultaneously seem plausible and ridiculous. Below are five myths we’re debunking about weight loss.

1.  Skipping Meals Will Make You Skinny

Skipping meals would do no favors for your body. At best, it only causes the blood sugar to drop, as Women’s Health has reported. You will notice a drop in your mood when this happens, a reduction in energy, and you may have trouble thinking clearly. If you keep it up, then your body will eventually be forced to break down your muscle for fuel. It will take on your metabolism a toll, and ultimately leave you worse off. You’re better off sticking to regular, food-filled meals that will keep you energized.

2.  Losing Weight, The Healthier

What you see on the scale is not a determinant of who you are, nor does it always represent how happy you are. Weight-loss is not always about trying to bring down the number on the scale. If you exercise regularly and eat healthily, you may even experience a tiny bit of weight gain as a result of muscle mass increases. The muscle is denser than fat, which takes up less room in the body, according to Everyday Health. That means you can lose fat and gain muscle, but look leaner while maintaining the same weight.

3.  Eat What You Like As Long As You Constantly Work Out

Even though it is essential to work out for a healthy weight loss, it’s a myth that spending countless hours in the gym while eating whatever you want will result in weight loss. It is absolutely right that abs are made in the kitchen because to change your body just by working out is merely a funny scenario. Reviews from Norskeanmeldelser.no show weight loss is usually 75% of what you eat and 25% of exercise. So, be aware of the food you put into your body.

4.  Eat Three Times A Day

The number of meals you will eat a day for weight loss seems always to vary. People will always tell you different things, from just giving themselves three meals to having six small ones. Experts say it is not just how many hours a day you eat, the vital thing to note is how many calories do you consume while eating. Eat anyhow as you like, but if you find yourself noshing during the day, you must make sure you don’t over-feed.

5.  It Helps If You Cut Out Certain Food Groups

Carbohydrates are one of the essential nutrients which our bodies need to work. Kost1 states that they provide energy to the body can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and are also required for weight control. Carbs are present not only in bread but in many different foods, including fruits and vegetables. So, it’s not practical to opt to get rid of carbohydrates entirely for weight loss. Take that piece of birthday cake and pizza to fulfill cravings but don’t cut out major food groups while attempting to slim down ultimately.

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